Ivan Storck is an outdoor enthusiast with a love of aesthetics and technology, which naturally led him to photography. He has a diverse background in environmental studies, geography, map-making, web design, programming, and entrepreneurship.

FAA Part 107 licensed Aerial photography and mapping with drones builds on the strengths in his tech experience. Ivan uses his geography background for creating insightful geospatial data applications.

His love of stand-up-paddling, certificate in SUP instruction, and love of surfing gives him a noteworthy maritime perspective.

He has successfully founded two web hosting companies and two technical training companies, as well as teaching at the University of Washington and presenting at conferences.

Technologies I use: ReactJS, NodeJS, PostGIS, QGIS

Methodologies: Test-Driven, UX focused, Data Driven, Agile, Lean, Open Source

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