Ivan Storck: Web Developer, Teacher, Entrepreneur

Ivan Storck has been programming, teaching, and leading start-ups for 20 years. He has been on the founding team of two training companies, two web hosting companies, and taught at the University of Washington. Ivan enjoys staying current with the fast pace of technology trends. He focuses on an agile, open-source, and human-centered design approach to building web apps with JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS and cloud systems on Amazon Web Services (AWS). He has expertise in Content Management Systems (Contentful, Strapi) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) — Mapbox, Leaflet, OpenLayers, TurfJS, PostGIS, GDAL, etc.

Ivan lives in Seattle, and works as a software engineer, currently at lululemon. Outside of work, you can find him on a Stand-Up-Paddleboard in Puget Sound, chilling at home, or on the hiking trail with his wife and sons.

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