How does the UW Certificate Differ from Code Fellows Bootcamps?

1 minute read

I frequently get asked how the UW certificate differs from Code Fellows’ Ruby on Rails bootcamp. I am in a fairly good place to compare them because I teach in both programs. Each one has its own strengths:

UW Certificate

  • 30 weeks total
  • 3 hours per week with 9 hours of expected homework
  • Intro to Ruby Course ( 10 out of the 30 weeks )
  • Classes meet at night 6-9pm
  • Accredited Institution

Code Fellows Rails Bootcamp

  • 8 weeks total
  • 3 hours per day class time
  • 3 hours per day lab time
  • A couple more hours of homework at night/weekend
  • Guest lectures on career building, interviewing practice, resume workshop
  • More computer science fundamentals
  • More javascript
  • Job guarantee

As far as Rails content, because both Rails and Advanced Rails are taught by the same team of Brook and me, the two options are very similar.

As a teacher, there are advantages to doing both together. I meet more working professionals in my UW courses because of the night time slot. I like the support of the Professional and Continuing Education department. My Code Fellows classes offer me a more rapid feedback cycle and allow me to improve my teaching continuously, and it’s exciting to be part of a startup that aims to change education.