Interviewed on Carbon Offsets Daily

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Interview: SustainableWebsites on the Soundness of Carbon Offsets to Combat Global Warming

Carbon Offsets Daily: Do you think companies should use carbon offsets to mitigate their global warming emissions?

SustainableWebsites: Yes. The old saying in carpentry is “measure twice, cut once” and I think it applies to offsets too. First, take a baseline measurement of your existing carbon dioxide footprint, and begin offsetting as soon as you can. Then, determine areas where you can cut down on the the actual CO2 produced, so that you can purchase less offsets. The act of purchasing carbon offsets is only the first step towards true sustainability, but it is a very important one because without measurement you don’t know where to start. So, if you can “measure and cut” and then continuously improve, your company will be truly living up to its potential in terms of helping the impact of its activities on global warming. A complete sustainability strategy should also measure and then reduce waste and water usage as well as energy, and include social and labor considerations.