Good Magazine Article on Greenwashing

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I’m quoted in the April issue of Good magazine! The article is about separating fact from fiction in green advertising.

Ivan Storck heartily approves. The founder of Sustainable Marketing thinks ads are a waste of paper. “This is the second round of green marketing,” Storck says, citing the focus in the early 1990s on recycling and reducing waste as the first wave. “Now the new focus is energy, and what’s different this time is the pervasiveness of the internet and the possibility of getting real facts about a company. It’s so much easier to find stuff and do preliminary research.” Which means the consumer can have a relationship with a company that isn’t based on capitalism, but driven by values that are revealed with open, honest dialogue

Thanks, Amanda! I encourage everyone to read the article. What do you think advertising’s role in a sustainable marketing strategy is? Ignore it? Or use it for branding?